“The Humanisthme Association encourages an equitable world where everyone will have the possibility to reach at the same final line with the provision of the resources needed.”

We strongly believe in the importance of considering the differences among people in terms of resources available to reach a certain goal. Equity means providing people with the amount of resources they need in order to enable everybody to have the same life enjoyment and well being.


“The Humanisthme association commits to cultivate human potentialities, granting people dignity and deep respect instead of superficial tolerance.”

The border line between respect and tolerance is very thin and presents two different ways of interaction amongst, for instance, different cultures and ethnicities. Having respect for somebody means accepting someone else’s opinions, granting freedom of expression because the contact between different human characteristics are deemed enriching. It’s about walking the extra mile rather than simply tolerating somebody leading to a superficial acceptance.


“The Humanisthme Association aims at a world where diversity is fostered, facilitating multicultural exchanges and a unique enrichment.”

In a globalized era, the differences between people are intensified creating an enormous need of integration of all these attributes comparing to past decades. But is integration enough? This term refers to the inclusion of elders, migrants, refugees, disabled without considering them as bearers of a particular stigma. In contrast, a world of inclusion tears down the “wall of shame” of  prejudices in favour of the expression of individuals’ potentialities and individuality.

We apply these values in all our activities with the conviction that they are a requirement for a more humanist and aware society.