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Audrey & Sylvain | Elopment | Hôtel Alpina (Gstaad)

Discover Audrey & Sylvain’s Elopment ceremony in Gstaad in a White Winter Wedding theme

Who said you could not get married in times of covid? Well, no! Audrey & Sylvain decided to celebrate their union anyway! Three weeks ago, they embarked on this new adventure through a D-day orchestrated by All You Need About. In the small Bernese village of Gstaad, Humanisthme had the pleasure of officiating their elopement ceremony in the middle of the Swiss mountains at the Hotel Alpina.

              Photo of the bride and the groom before the ceremony           Wedding invitations           Julien and Sylvain waiting for the bride

But what does elopement mean? The elopement ceremony is an intentionally small and intimate wedding (perfect for these times of crisis, you might say!). But that’s not all! It allows for more meaning to be placed on the commitment made by the couple as the focus is entirely on the couple and their experience.

    The bride arriving to his future husband Sylvain and their celebrant, Julien    Julien officiates their elopment ceremony   Exchange of pearl bracelets that replace wedding rings

Instead of exchanging traditional wedding rings, the young couple opted for pearl bracelets. In general, their circular shape is above all a sign of eternity and renewal. The circle is also a symbol of group, union and belonging. The bracelet is also seen as a symbol of attachment, constancy and loyalty.

  The brides heads toward Sylvain and their celebrant, Julien         Julien officiates their elopment ceremony         The married couple at the end of the ceremony         The married couple after their elopment


We wish them all the best!


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