Arnold Van Gennep | Rites of passage (1909)

Pour les groupes comme pour les individus, vivre, c’est sans cesse se désagréger et se reconstituer, changer d’état et de forme, mourir et renaître. C’est agir puis s’arrêter, attendre et se reposer pour recommencer ensuite à agir, mais autrement. Et toujours, ce sont de nouveaux seuils à franchir : seuils de l’été ou de l’hiver, de la saison ou de l’année, du mois ou de la nuit ; seuil de la naissance, de l’adolescence ou de l’âge mûr, de la vieillesse, de la mort ; et seuil de l’autre vie pour ceux qui y croient. Chacun d’entre nous, au cours de son existence, doit assumer une multitude de transformations plus ou moins bouleversantes. De la naissance à la mort, nous transitons d’un passage à un autre.

In our contemporary society, we no longer experience rites of passage which nevertheless marked the important stages of life. The latter set the rhythm of life and the evolution of each one according to our sex, our origins, our status or our personal situation thus providing points of reference. Rituals accompany punctual events in life from birth to death, these are rites of passage such as baby naming, the first day of school, marriage, retirement, etc. Nowadays everybody has to manage more or less alone in their life course and the models proposed are often disconnected from real life or more focused on apparent success than on the accomplishment of our life. These passages are more and more often experienced as crises that will sometimes lead us to a therapist. A ritual of passage is a work of detachment, of mourning, of what is left behind and of welcoming, of openness to becoming, of the unknown that one is going to create or invest, supported by the community which accompanies and validates the process.

Preparing and conducting a personalized ceremony requires a significant investment from the celebrant in terms of time spent. Fees are different for each kind of ceremony and also vary according to the complexity that each ceremony requires. As an approximate guideline, our fees are as follows based on an 80.- Chf / hour. Please note that extra travel and accommodation costs may be charged in addition to the agreed fee, but always by prior agreement.

Funerals & Co.
± 15h | 1000.- Chf
Funeral & other ceremonies:

  • ± 5h => meetings & accompaniment
  • ± 5h => composition & elaboration
  • ± 3h => rehearsal & celebration
  • ± 2h => coordination & liaison
  • + Debriefing
Namings & Co.
±20h | 1500.- Chf
Naming & other ceremonies:

  • ± 7h => meetings & accompaniment
  • ± 7h => composition & elaboration
  • ± 3h => rehearsal & celebration
  • ± 3h => coordination & liaison
  • + Debriefing
Weddings & Co.
±30h | 2500.- Chf
Weddings & other ceremonies:

  • ± 10h => meetings & accompaniment
  • ± 10h => composition & elaboration
  • ± 4h => rehearsal & celebration
  • ± 6h => coordination & liaison
  • + Debriefing

Humanist ceremonies

Mains Couple RESIZED

Separations & Mourning

The death of someone we know and love is often shocking and painful, even if expected. Humanist funerals offer a personal and fitting way to say goodbye, they bring people together to share their loss but also to celebrate the life lived.


Rites of passage

Since time immemorial, humans go through the same stages in life such as, birth, adolescence, adulthood, marriage and death. Life cycles are universal and can be celebrated through rituals, in a unique – personal and collaborative way to honor their importance.


Unions & Weddings

A humanist wedding gives you the opportunity to marry where and how you want: it’s too personal an occasion for that. Each ceremony is tailored to meet the particular couple’s requirements. You can set the tone that’s right for you and choose your own words and music.