Some call it Spiritual Activism, some use the term Sacred Activism, while others prefer to call it Path of Wholesome Action (amal saleh). No matter what the words we choose for it: Spiritual Activism is the coming together of spirituality, and activism. It is simply activity, works / actions that comes from the heart, not just the head. It is activity and activism that is compassionate, positive, kind, fierce and transformative.
The sacred activism can be viewed as the stowage between social changes, politics, personal and spiritual process. Being a sacred activist means becoming aware of the common issues and activate yourself to be an “ actor of systematic change”. As a consequence, our aim is to offer the possibility to understand why and in what being engaged through a series of workshops and conferences. They are the occasion to reflect about our acts and responsibilized them in order to live immersed in the community.
In a world which bombards with false-glorification of materialism, even when spirituality is increasingly made divorced from its core values and where every attempt is made to make everything secular, there’s a lack of sensitivity towards human dignity. So we hope and we inspire and make others inspired for understanding and contributing in sacred activism and becoming a sacred activist in their own way.