Humanist imprints are often hidden at the point that if you are not expressly looking for them, you won’t never get in touch with their voices. Indeed, we aim at giving more tools and possibilities for being informed on particularities and news of the humanist world. You can become more aware of how rituals shape our routine, getting to know some intercultural concepts and feeling connected with strangers by reading their experiences.

Explore the Humanisthme imprints

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Amongst the +6000 languages spoken around the world, there are some particular words that easily capture our attention: we immediately perceive the universal meaning, feeling that they belong to our life as something which goes beyond cultures. Indeed, these concepts contain an incredible strengh able to express a significant life philosophy.



We aim at giving the possibilty to deepen and to better understand all the humanist imprints that surround our everyday’s lifes. Thus, we offer a series of articles, interventions in tv/radio broadcasts where the association gave its own contribution, as well as suggestions for readings.



Human feelings have a striking power able to connect people, to create a space where the emotional status is easily transferable. For instance, feelings are particularly intense during ceremonies. Consequently, we invite you to share your experience during one of our celebrations or events.